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6C-Model for Happy Results


Above, you find a short outline of the 6C model for Happy Results. There is a lot more to tell.

You can download the full article here.

Coherence -> Why?
Your Purpose is your Progress. Your Mission is your Magnet. The basis for Happy People and Happy Results is clarity and transparency. This starts with the development and definition of a mission, vision and core values that bind people together and connect them with an organization. It incorporates creating coherence with the mission as a magnet and the creation of a strong employer brand. An organization that is able to attract the right people, binds them and aligns them with its mission, strategy and culture performs noticeably better.

Connection -> Who? 
Next to a common foundation, it is important for an organization to attract and bind the right people: employees and applicants with corresponding values who are able to add value to your organization. In the book Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish calls this “A-players”.  Connect is all about subjects like recruitment, retention, development and workforce planning.

Commitment  -> How? 
Every employee should be committed to the “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”, of the organization,  that speck on the horizon that you as organization aim for. Employees feel committed to the mission and know the company’s strategy. The BHAG is translated into annual goals and quarterly goals. These in turn are translated into monthly “rocks” and actions. Everyone knows about the strategy and the priorities and feels involved and committed to these. The annual targets and quarterly goals are ideally translated for each employee so that it is clear what their contribution is to the whole. To enlarge commitment to these goals, each quarter the goals are translated into a common and inspiring theme to increase its visibility and support within the organization.

Collaboration  -> When? 
Collaboration is about the ideal way to work together in order to create alignment.  Making agreements, inspiring and stimulating one another towards the goals. This can be achieved through a clear meeting rhythm of a “‘Daily huddle”, a “Monthly” and the “Quarterly PEP-talks© (Purpose-Energy-Performance). In stead of lengthy performance appraisals, each quarter individual goals are set and discussed with every employee.

Creation – > What?
Creation is all about making results transparent. What you measure gets managed. It is important to measure whatever gives clear insight into the Purpose and the BHAG of the organization and whatever gives you insight into the results you want to achieve.

Celebration -> Wow!
Last but definitely not least: to increase the Happiness@work  it is important that successes are celebrated and that effort is rewarded and stimulated in a positive manner. Research has shown that “experiences”, for example, create more satisfaction and happiness than variable remuneration. Especially if you are able to connect the celebration to the monthly theme and monthly goals, the impact can be huge.