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We are on a mission to make you smile on monday morning!

After many years of experience in Human Resources it is disappointing to see and note that many people are not committed to their work and are not ‘engaged’. Few people truly work with passion and enthusiasm; many people have no sense of involvement with the company or organization and often feel they are not noticed or appreciated.

There is no basis of trust and employees and the talented dare not express themselves and do not feel responsible for taking that extra step that an organization or company would dearly like to see. Creativity and innovation lag behind. In a collective culture in which everyone is struggling to ‘survive’, no one dares stick their neck out or express their ideas. ‘Thinking in possibilities’ is hard to find. People cling to ‘what is’ and do not think in terms of ‘what could be’ .

The value of a smile
What a difference there is in companies where there is a lot of laughter, where employees are ‘seen’ and ‘valued’. These companies are bursting with energy. Anything seems possible and achievable. More than 15 years of research have shown that attention to ‘Happiness’ on the workfloor has positive effects. ‘Happiness on the workfloor’ really does make a major difference. Happy employees are more involved, come up with more ideas and create more innovation. Happy employees are willing to take those extra steps and are more productive. Happy employees are more enthusiastic and that is translated into better sales results, increased customer satisfaction, more turnover and higher profits. At the same time, the costs of absenteeism drop, staff turnover decreases and the chance of a burn-out is significantly

Happy Results provides insight and advices on the role of culture, the corporate mission and unique corporate values and how this helps to create Happiness at work.


Our Values

Positive:     “Always look on the bright side of life“ – (Monthy python)

Challenge the status quo:     “If you always do what you always did, you will      always get what you always got” – (Albert Einstein)

Thinking in possibilities:      “Nothing limits achievement like small thinking, nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination” – (William Arthur Ward)

Commitment:        “Just do it” and “do it” and “do it” (Art Williams)

Guts:      “No guts No glory”