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Happy Results:

we make you smile on Monday morning!

To improve employee engagement, results and happiness need to go hand in hand.

Is there a clear Employe Value Proposition?

Clarity on your purpose, your promise to your people and underlying values is key. We help check whether it is supported by stakeholders and relevant and engaging enough for employees and new hires.

Does everybody enjoy e-learning and trainings?

Talent development remains an ongoing challenge. We help you develop learnings that your employees enjoy and fit your EVP.

Is your onboarding engaging enough?

Are inspiring new hires right from the start? We help you create engaging onboard experiences to get the best out of your employees right from the start.

Is your recruitment effective?

Are you attracting the people who fit the culture you want? We help you to reach out to the right people who are not actively searching for a new job but who are passively looking for new opportunities. We activate them to engage with your (employer) brand in order to turn them into  active applicants.

Is Employee Ambassadorship / Advocacy being stimulated?

The most authentic employer brand storytellers are your employees. We help you leverage employee generated content and make your employees your ambassadors.

Employee Engagement

Get answers with interactive
employee experiences

Inform candidates, new hires and employees sufficiently without overloading them with information. Make learning an experience, and turn application forms into conversations. Gather insights and data while keeping your employees engaged throughout.

Whatever your goals, we engage your people in a way they will enjoy, human centered and mobile first.  All branded in your own style, of course. Curious? Click on the button below, or on the image to the right.


Star SHL

Star-shl - Engagement

We were responsible for getting 1700 employees onboard with a new company culture after a merger. An engagement journey was developed to gather input from employees.

Rozet - Learning

We created a learning experience for staff members at a cultural institute in Arnhem as they prepare for a workshop about marketing. We are currently working on a follow-up.

Philips - Onboarding

We are currently developing an interactive program to make new marketeers at Philips acquainted with everything they need to know.

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